The Games Are Over!

Each year during the school summer holidays we run the Summer Games. 40 days of madness, games, activities, bus trips, camping, movies, water fights, competitions and more. This year our games were taken to the next level with international trips to the Suklaphata Wildlife Park in Nepal, camping trips in the jungle, visits to the mountains, a zombie outbreak, fishing and cooking competitions and some insane water sports! The games are now over but the memories will last for ever!

We will continue to update our website over the coming weeks with blog posts, photos and tales of our Summer Games 2015 adventure so keep your eyes peeled for more details! If you are interested in getting involved and either sponsoring or volunteering for next years Summer Games activities feel free to drop us a line.

Welcome To Our Indian Orphanage

In the heart of every child is a hunger for home. Not just for food and a place to sleep, but for safety and community. Most importantly: for love. At the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, 350kms east of Delhi in the town of Banbasa, we are much more than a home for unwanted Indian orphans. We are a family, where God’s love guides us all as we grow and expand year after year. Not just an Indian orphanage, we are a nearly self-sustaining organization; a working farm, a vibrant school, receiving no government assistance of any kind. For more than 70 years, with the help of caring individuals worldwide and a lot of hard work, we wake up each day with the same goal: to bring as much love to as many unwanted children as possible.

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About Indian orphanage

The GSAM was started in 1948 in a remote jungle area of Northern India, on the border of Nepal. The “mission” is now surrounded by many villages and small towns. There are approximately 80 orphan children on the mission, ranging from newborn to young adults. Though it is partially self-supporting thanks to a 60 acre farm, the GSAM relies primarily on help from caring individuals to keep changing the lives of so many orphan children.

The mission is largely run on a communal basis with many of the staff working as volunteers, without pay but the mission helps to meet their needs by providing food and supplies. There are also workers who do work for a salary, though it is very minimal. The whole “family” consists of about 180 people. The mission loves to have volunteer workers to help out, more information can be found on volunteering section of our site.

Our orphan children

Please take some time to sit and browse through the rest of our orphanages website, we do our best to update it regularly. There is plenty of information to see that we hope will bring you closer to understanding us, our orphans, our goals and our dreams. If you are looking for volunteering information or volunteer work with our orphans please take a look at our visitors information section.

So take a look around our website; meet the team, see what we do. We would love to get to know you more, learn about how you heard of our organization and also hear any thoughts or ideas that you might have. If you are interested in volunteering or donating, please click the appropriate buttons below. We cannot do this work alone so we’re glad you’re here. Welcome to the family!

Latest from our blog

We have a small blog that we update from time to time with pictures, stories and details of the happenings here on the orphanage. Though our posts may be few and far between we hope that they still will help to give you a great understanding of what it is we do here.

Zombie Day

It’s hard to say exactly what went on at the thousands of orphanages across India yesterday, but I’d be willing to bet that none of them celebrated Zombie Day the way we did at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission. As part of our Summer Games, we put together a playfully ghoulish competitio...

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School Extension Progress

It's been a while since we updated on the progress of our Primary School Extension. Work has continued on well in spite of constant temperatures near 43 degrees Celsius (110 degrees F). The first floor is mostly completed and is currently getting a coat of paint ready to be used in July when student...

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Game On

One of the best parts of Summer Games is the many new experiences the kids get to participate in. Not for points, these activities are included to make the kind of summer memories summer camps are famous for. One such activity this week was Jungle Ghost Night, a repeat of last years popular frigh...

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The Games Go On…

As the temperature continues to climb, the Summer Games are heating up as well, with another week of exciting team action. Whether you’re cheering for Team Tiger, Team Elephant, Team Crocodile or Team Cobra, here are just a few snapshots from this week’s competition. [caption id="attachment_1...

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What our past volunteers have to say

  • The days spent at the mission will always stay with me for the rest of my life. It's not the work that we did that really caused the impact, albeit for a good cause. It was the time we spent there, interacting with the kids, the opportunity to bring laughter, joy and smiles. Have to say thanks to the best hosts one can ever ask for in a foreign land, Clifton & Eugene and their families. –JJ, Singapore

  • The best way to describe my time on the mission is life changing.  The impact it has had on my life is huge and will last forever.   The children are the face of joy, sharing God's love to all they meet. I found great support in Clifton and the team as they shared with me their wisdom and helped me grow in myself.–Serena, Australia

  • The innocence of the children and the hospitality of the hosts showed us the best way we could live our lives - with our hearts. They've taught us more than we could ever give them, with their way of life and their appreciation of what they have. Its definitely a worthwhile place to spend your time volunteering, and you'll learn what truly is selfless giving from the people who set up this amazing place.–Sabrina, Singapore

  • From beginning to end it was a beautiful experience to share a week with the beautiful souls (children and staff, both) at the GSAM orphanage. I have never experienced what i did here. Happy faces even though the circumstances of these children and how they came here could break the strongest of hearts.–Rasna Arora, Canada

  • We had the amazing opportunity of getting to know the children whilst playing games and helping them with their chores. We had set out (India our first stop) on a 7 month trip around the world (volunteering for the most part) and we expected to have our lives changed. We didn't realize just how much our hearts would be impacted and how hard it would be to leave this special place. –Kate & Ben, Australia

  • Dancing with children in the first monsoon rain is the best dance of all. The most knowing eye gaze comes from a baby girl during a formula feed. Togetherness begins on the first page of a good storybook, no matter your age. A big pile of small jandals at my door means it’s time to create some crafts together. Having a cheekiness and zest for life makes rolling 100 chapatti everyday easier!–Kim, New Zealand

  • I loved my time at The GSAM's Indian orphanage.  I enjoyed spending time with all the children, learning their stories.  I had many a child read one of their stories to me and played board games with some very competitive boys.  The older boys showed me their rice harvesting and the older girls were virtually unstoppable in the kitchen.  It was so hard to say goodbye.–Brad, Australia

  • Wonderful. Way too short because our visit was not planned; the most memorable part of our first visit to India.  Rick "warned" us that the kids would get under our skin, and that's exactly what happened.  We loved their instant acceptance of us, and were happy to give them all the attention we could!  Full of admiration for the work being done on the mission, and are already planning to return.–Frank Barta, Australia

  • My time on the mission confirmed and strengthened my views and passion for helping people in third world countries. It was really encouraging to see a positive team working together to improve the lives of orphan children in India.  Their passion and commitment to the mission was really inspiring. I really enjoyed laboring with the workers, building the fence was very rewarding. –Gavin Mace, Australia

  • I truthfully can't decide what my favorite moment was on the mission. It's either the power dying in the middle of the night or listening to Clifton singing Justin Bieber's "Baby". You taught us to live the simple life, to find the joys that money can't buy, to live the moment, in everything we do -and for that we're forever grateful to you! Once isn't enough!–Abdul Hafiz, Singapore

  • I really appreciate the fact that the GSAM Indian orphanage is focused on the holistic care of the children in it care. The depth and breath of the organization is astounding.–Jamie Bishop, Australia