Into Nepal…

God has been so good to us this year.

We have seen such amazing things happen; a huge extension to our school, a new hostel, Summer Games, bumper crops and more…

As I sit here in my office thinking of this… and thinking of our neighbour Nepal… my heart is bursting. How can we be so fortunate… so blessed, yet those who are just a few hundred kilometres away are in such pain.

This second big earthquake is right near Namchee Bazaar; I remember being there just a short time ago with my friend Aaron. It was such a beautiful place. I dare not think what it is like now.

Me in Namchee Bazaar.

Me in Namchee Bazaar

There has to be something we can do.

This is the start of a call. Literally five minutes ago we held a staff meeting here on the mission and together as one body we decided we need to take action.

Our hope is that we can send some trucks of rice, tarpaulins, rope, bottled water… etc. into Nepal to those who need it. Whatever they need.

This is where you come in.

We are not looking for money, at least not yet, what we are looking for is prayer.

We don’t know the procedure for taking goods across to another country and, no doubt, it will be a difficult process. Eugene is already on the phone talking to people, trying to find out if it is possible.

Pray we find a way. Pray we find people who want to help. Pray we find a truck and driver willing to make the 1400km return journey.

God has been good to us, now, we believe, we have a responsibility to be good to others.


About the Author:

Clifton is the grandson of Maxton D. Strong the founder of The GSAM. In 2004 at 19 years old he moved out from Australia to India with his parents to continue on his grandfathers work. Today he is working as the Deputy Director of the orphanage and the Chairman of the Maxton Strong School. He is married to Priscilla, a former child of the mission and together they have 3 sons.

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