Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving, the US National holiday, is not normally celebrated here in India, for obvious reasons. But because our founder, Rev. Maxton D. Strong, was originally from the USA, he brought the tradition with him. Though there may not be any turkey, the last 68 years have seen Thanksgiving become an important part of our culture.

In the spirit of the holiday, this week has been a great chance for us to think about the incredible blessings we have received over the last year… here are just a few:

  • The opening of our new school extension, the Samartha Saxena Memorial Wing!
  • The birth of Sohalia, Anish and Katie’s second daughter.
  • Thousands of books that have been received or purchased with the support of friends.
  • A major renovation of our orphanage kitchen thanks to the Samartha Saxena Foundation.
  • Trips to Africa to volunteer at Houses of Hope, Zimbabwe for Rick, Clifton and John.
  • Visits from dozens of incredibly hard working volunteers including a media team from The Archibald Project.
  • Four new children who have joined our big family.

…and guess what… that just takes us to April 1st! What an incredible year. For every one of you who has stood by us, put your faith in us and encouraged us over the last 365 days we are so grateful!


About the Author:

Clifton is the grandson of Maxton D. Strong the founder of The GSAM. In 2004 at 19 years old he moved out from Australia to India with his parents to continue on his grandfathers work. Today he is working as the Deputy Director of the orphanage and the Chairman of the Maxton Strong School. He is married to Priscilla, a former child of the mission and together they have 3 sons.


  1. Marian Noronha January 15, 2017 at 11:12 pm - Reply

    I go past GSAM twice a year on my way to Nepal, where we run 6 schools. In November, we drove into GSAM, but did not speak to anyone, and we needed to get to the border on time. I would very much like to speak to Clifton, and connect with him. There have been times that I wished we could work on the Indian side of the border as well.

    • Clifton January 16, 2017 at 2:05 pm - Reply

      Hi Marian,

      Great to hear from you. Please feel free to stop by our office next time you are driving through; if you can email us a day before on I will make sure that I am around. I’d love to meet you and hear more about your work in Nepal.



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