Project Banbasa

A few months ago we mentioned that Launceston design company S. Group had been out spending some time with us working on an upcoming project. We hinted at what it was, sharing that it was an exciting step towards a long-standing goal.

Well we are finally able to announce that S. Group is partnering with us and EMi to fund raise and construct a brand new staff housing complex. This huge project has been one we have been seeking to do for more than a decade. The current staff accommodation is in absolute decay. Built from mud brick almost 40 years ago, it is cracked and rotten beyond repair.

Most of our staff grew up here at the Mission either as its first teen-aged volunteers back in the 1950s, or as orphaned children themselves. In all cases, this dedicated group has spent their entire lives in service to our children. The fact that we will soon be able to offer them homes befitting this kind of sacrifice is an answered prayer that will have a huge impact on our organization for generations to come.

For all of us here, the new staff accommodations will not only be a long-overdue gift for our current staff and their families, it will also allow us to add additional staff members either at our school or our orphanage as the needs arise. Quality housing will help us attract the quality people that will be needed in the years ahead as we continue to expand, moving toward our goal of complete self-sustainability.

While we work every day to enhance the lives of the orphan children in our care, how we provide for our older residents is equally as important, improving morale inside our gates, and enhancing our reputation on the outside. We are so happy that the families of Eugene & Filly George, Anil & Peggy George, Esther & Suresh Kashyap and our new school Principal, who will be joining us on July 1st, will now have these amazing homes to live in.

It’s difficult to describe all that this new building will represent. While new school rooms and new hostel buildings have risen up all around them (projects that are relatively easy to fund raise for), our staff have simply continued their work, without complaint, without expectation, living in conditions far below our children. But as we love one another in this way, as we give respect to those who have given so much to our children over the years, we are creating more passion and more energy for the work we all do here.

We are so grateful to Sam Haberle and the entire team at S. Group for their willingness to take on this project, they will be helping us in the coming weeks to raise all of the finances needed to see this incredible dream become a reality! Construction will be starting in the next few days as we seek to get as much done as possible before the monsoon hits.


About the Author:

Clifton is the grandson of Maxton D. Strong the founder of The GSAM. In 2004 at 19 years old he moved out from Australia to India with his parents to continue on his grandfathers work. Today he is working as the Deputy Director of the orphanage and the Chairman of the Maxton Strong School. He is married to Priscilla, a former child of the mission and together they have 3 sons.

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