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About Clifton

Clifton is the grandson of Maxton D. Strong the founder of The GSAM. In 2004 at 19 years old he moved out from Australia to India with his parents to continue on his grandfathers work. Today he is working as the Deputy Director of the orphanage and the Chairman of the Maxton Strong School. He is married to Priscilla, a former child of the mission and together they have 3 sons.
5 06, 2016

National Human Rights Commission

We had a fantastic honor this week as we were visited by several dignitaries from the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Our first visit in the morning included Mr Akhil Kumar Jain, Special United Nations

24 04, 2016

Unleash The Kraken!

46 degrees Celsius. 115 Fahrenheit! For anyone who has experienced this kind of suffocating heat before, you know there is nothing better than the bracing chill of an air-conditioned room. Short of this, a hearty

9 04, 2016

The Power of A Story

This week John Marshall shared a blog post called Finding Hope: One Boy’s Story on his website. Inspired by it and the thought that a person's story can be a powerful thing, we want to

8 01, 2016

Samartha Saxena Memorial Wing Opening!

Well, it's official. The new Orphan School expansion is finished. The ribbon is cut, the opening ceremony has ended, and all of our hard work has paid off. Less than 11 months since the start

25 10, 2015

All coming together now…

It's all coming together this week. So much work, so many projects, for which finally we are able to see the end in sight. The first big job that we have got out of the

3 10, 2015

Perhaps our biggest week EVER!

To say it has been a mega week would be a gross understatement. It all kicked off with the arrival of our Heart Plunges team from Door of Hope Christian Church in Launceston, Tasmania. The

11 09, 2015


What is your greatest insecurity? If we are not careful they can run our lives. We as a society spend millions each year trying to fight them. A gym for the little guy. A diet

15 08, 2015

Independence Day 2015!

Independence Day in India is a national holiday observed annually on 15th August and commemorates our nations independence from the British Empire which happened on 15th August 1947 just a year before our orphanage was

10 08, 2015

Looking forward, looking back

It's been a week of exciting progress; our audit is finally completed and we are looking forward to being able to share the results with our Annual Report in a few weeks. Our auditors were

21 07, 2015

Aadhaar Cards

One of the biggest struggles that our children face as they become adults is obtaining any form of identification. Having grown up as orphans, generally with little or no proof of their parents, even just

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