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About John Marshall

John is a returning volunteer to the mission, he first came to the mission in 2010 with his family, then came alone in 2014 and finally with his daughter in 2015. He is a nine time Emmy Award winning TV producer and author of the book "Wide Open World". You can find out more about John on
22 02, 2017


I watched a movie the other night called Hacksaw Ridge. Have you seen it? It’s a Mel Gibson film about a conscientious objector named Desmond Doss who joined the US Army during World War II.

14 10, 2016


So there’s this fourteen-year-old boy living in Singapore. His name is Mathias. And one day, Mathias decides he wants to send some of his old books to the children living at the Good Shepherd Agricultural

24 07, 2016

Dear J.K. Rowling

Dear J.K. Rowling First off: It’s an honor to write you this letter, imagining through some twist of Internet magic that you might actually see it. If that happens, let me just say: I’m a

19 07, 2016

Boys In The Trees

The tree began its life many years ago. No one knows for sure when. One hundred, maybe one hundred and fifty years back (it’s hard to tell with trees without cutting them open), a mango

17 07, 2016

Frozen Night Games

I like the word frivolous. As an adjective, it’s defined as “not having any serious purpose or value,” yet for some reason, things like that have always attracted me. I once wrote a screenplay about

9 07, 2016

The Monsoon

Each year, when the land heats up faster than the surrounding ocean, the usual air currents are reversed over most of India, drawing huge amounts of moisture into a month-long storm known as the monsoon.

5 07, 2016

Superhero Smackdown!

I’ve always loved superheroes. When I was a boy, I read all the comic books, loved to wear towel capes, even carried around my treasured Batman thermos when it was empty just to show it

6 06, 2016


This post was originally from I love traditions. Traditions are the unique signature of family life. They are the touchstones upon which the years unfold; the simple predictability that says: This is how we

28 02, 2016

A Chance To Change The World

Clifton and John with new friends in Africa Part of our focus here at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission is helping others. When the earthquake hit in Nepal last year, we were able

21 02, 2016


It’s been a quiet week. School is in session. The wheat is growing. Small jobs are getting done. Life is going on. I (John) thought I’d just give a few snapshots of the farm at

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