About John Marshall

John is a nine-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer and the author of the Random House release "Wide-Open World," a memoir about the six months he spent volunteering his way around the world with his family. Through his organization New Orphan Age, John now spends much of his creative time and talent working for orphan projects around the world. You can learn more about John at his website: www.JohnMarshall.com

The Frozen Ball

Every girl deserves to be treated like a princess. I’m not sure who said this—probably a Disney executive—but I like the sentiment, especially in India. In a country where girls are often discarded in favor of boys, beaten or raped without reprisals, even killed to protect some insane concept of family honor, the notion that

Pirate Day

One summer night, on a family vacation in Cape Cod, I drew a treasure map. Logan and Jackson, maybe eight and six at the time, were asleep upstairs, and I wanted to create a bit of summer adventure for them. So I took an old piece of parchment from an old book on a book

Tiger Hunt

The idea was to take the nursery kids on a bus trip. Most all of orphanage life is spent inside the Mission gates, so it’s a huge treat to venture out into the wider world. To sweeten the deal for the seventeen under-ten-year-old children, we promised them soda, chips, ice cream and chewing gum. Naturally,


The game is called Sardines. It’s the opposite of Hide & Go Seek. To play, only one person hides. Then, after ten minutes or so, everyone else goes out in small groups and searches for the hider. For maximum effect, play this late at night across a sprawling orphanage compound complete with mango orchard, creepy

Coming Soon…

When my children were little, Traca and I had a frustrating rule. On Christmas morning, they couldn’t go downstairs until we said they could. No matter how excited they were, they had to wait at the top of the stairs until we got a few things ready. We’d light a fire, turn on the tree

A few stories

Running an orphanage is no easy task. Feeding, caring for, educating 100 children takes an amazing amount of dedication and love. But to do it for ten years...? While it costs money and takes huge bits of time, effort and energy, the real story in the end is the kids. In honor of the Shipways


This week we launched the first ever GSAM crowd-sourcing campaign on Indiegogo.com and it has been a huge success. Our initial goal was to raise $4000 for new desks at the mission's school. New students are coming soon and they need somewhere to sit. To get the word out, I put together a video. I