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14 08, 2016


With the comfortable routine of school in full effect along with new visitors and some celebrations it's been great here on the mission lately. School tests wrapped up last week for all classes with many

3 07, 2016


We have a winner! After thirty days of non-stop events, Summer Games 3 is officially in the record books. It was a photo finish and we've got the photographic proof for all you fans following

28 06, 2016


Another great week here at the Farm as Summer Games rolls on. We’re past the mid-point with the Cobra team still leading, on their way to what could be their first ever team victory. This

26 06, 2016


What a week! Another Summer Games spectacular on the last full week of competition. The Cobra Team still maintains a slight edge but the Elephant team is closing fast. Just a handful of points separate

19 06, 2016

Himalayan Adventure

The big event of the week was the 2nd annual trip to Abbot Mount as a part of our Summer Games program where 60 of us explored the cool Himalayan foot hills, told ghost stories

12 06, 2016

Raging Rapids

This week 17 of our older boys and male staff headed off into the mountains on motorbikes as part of the Strong Riders Bike Tour. It was the first time we have ever done anything

6 06, 2016

Summer Games 2016!

Summer Games has finally begun! If you don't know what we are talking about... take a quick look here. After months of excitement, anticipation and planning, the third annual school vacation bonanza we call Summer

30 05, 2016

The final countdown…

The countdown is really coming to a close now... Just 2 more days till Summer Games 3 kicks off and our kids are charged up! If you are new to our newsletter, or somehow managed

31 01, 2016

Back From Africa

It was a week of coming and going with old friends leaving and Clifton & John returning from Africa. They went to help out at Houses of Hope, Africa for 3 weeks. If the pictures are

3 01, 2016

Happy New Year

With 2015 in the history books, it’s always fun to look back on a few highlights from the past year before looking ahead to the brand new year before us all. Once again, through grace

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