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29 01, 2017

Building Up, Tearing Down

Over the last 8 months we have been saving up funds with the support of HADA Australia and some friends and family; the time has finally come. Rick has been out with his measuring tape,

22 01, 2017

Brick by Brick

We have great progress to report on our Learning Resource Center. This library/computer lab for our school will be completed later this year, but like all buildings, it goes up one brick at a time.

28 11, 2016

Breaking Ground

Construction on the Samartha Saxena Memorial Learning Resource Center has kicked off with the digging of the foundations! It is such a wonderful thing to see this dream becoming a reality! Engineers from EMI

21 11, 2016

Learning Resource Center

We are super excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter in the story of our school, the Maxton Strong School. With the support of the Samartha Saxena Foundation (who helped us to build

8 01, 2016

Samartha Saxena Memorial Wing Opening!

Well, it's official. The new Orphan School expansion is finished. The ribbon is cut, the opening ceremony has ended, and all of our hard work has paid off. Less than 11 months since the start

18 12, 2015

Annual School Christmas Program

The big news this week was our Annual School Christmas Program that played to a packed house on Friday night. After weeks of rehearsals and epic decorating by the kids, well over 1000 parents, neighbors

25 10, 2015

All coming together now…

It's all coming together this week. So much work, so many projects, for which finally we are able to see the end in sight. The first big job that we have got out of the

3 10, 2015

Perhaps our biggest week EVER!

To say it has been a mega week would be a gross understatement. It all kicked off with the arrival of our Heart Plunges team from Door of Hope Christian Church in Launceston, Tasmania. The

15 08, 2015

Independence Day 2015!

Independence Day in India is a national holiday observed annually on 15th August and commemorates our nations independence from the British Empire which happened on 15th August 1947 just a year before our orphanage was

10 08, 2015

Looking forward, looking back

It's been a week of exciting progress; our audit is finally completed and we are looking forward to being able to share the results with our Annual Report in a few weeks. Our auditors were

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