The Monsoon

Let’s talk a little bit about the monsoon this week. You may wonder why there is so much rain in India in the summer. It works like this. In the warmer months, the sun heats both land and water...but land temperatures rise more quickly. As the land heats up, the air above it expands and

Another Hero

Living here at The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, we get emails every week from random people asking for information on how to start an orphanage. Judging by the sheer number of these inquiries, starting an orphanage is a very common dream—which is encouraging. There are millions of desperate children in the world who need homes,

Funder Down Under

OK, let's start with something big and fun.  This week while the summer cooked away here in Banbasa, Clifton was living winter down in Tasmania. Aside from celebrating a friend's birthday, the big draw was the S. Group Fundraising Party for the new staff housing accommodations here at the Mission. S. Group is an

Project Banbasa

A few months ago we mentioned that Launceston design company S. Group had been out spending some time with us working on an upcoming project. We hinted at what it was, sharing that it was an exciting step towards a long-standing goal. Well we are finally able to announce that S. Group is

Raising The Roof

It's been a truly mammoth week of working hard and playing hard. And though we are exhausted and (to be honest) feeling a little bit uninspired in front of the computer at this moment, the results of all of our labor have been well worth the effort. If this week's prayer letter feels a little