Cement Walkway

Our mud paths can become a slippery mess in the monsoon rain.

$220 of $220 raised

Cement Walkway

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

This project is mostly for Auntie Violet who walks from her hostel to the dining hall twice each day. That’s her in the picture above on a relatively dry day. When it rains, as it does much of the year here, the stretch of bare ground she has to cross turns into a muddy soup that is not the ideal walking surface for an elderly woman with a formerly broken hip. When complete, the raised cement walkway will keep her feet, and the dozens of boys who use that path everyday out of the mud for many monsoon seasons to come.

Project Update!

During one break in the monsoon, we were finally able to get around to beginning the walkway. Sponsored by our amazing friend Maureen Foley, this path is made of nearly 2000 cement tiles and runs about 60ft. The site preparation, tiling, compacting  and cement work was done in just one day. We were very impressed with how the team of 6 laborers and 3 builders worked.

The very next day we had a huge downpour of rain and, thanks to the new path, Auntie Violet and the rest of us were able to travel from one side of the mission to the other without drudging through 2 inches of mud. After just a few days the path looked like it belonged there and we are so thankful for the benefits it brings!

A few of the master tile layers at work

This trailer was not going anywhere until the tiles came out