Concrete Mixer

Cement holds the Mission together, but it has to be mixed first. After renting for many years, it’s time to buy a mixer of our very own.

$1,150 of $1,150 raised

Concrete Mixer

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

If you have been following our organization for any length of time you will know one thing for sure: progress is continuous here. There is always at least one building, road, path or construction underway somewhere here on our property.

What you probably don’t realize though is that we have to rent the concrete mixer we use. And we use it a lot. So much so in-fact that for the past two years no one can remember a time when a rented mixer was not on our property…much to the owner’s delight. Now rental costs are not overly high, but they do add up, and we feel that purchasing a machine of our own could save us a significant amount on upcoming projects.

$1100 will help us to see this happen. We expect that a new concrete mixer will last for about 10-15 years at the pace we work, so you can rest assured that your contribution will be set in stone all over the mission grounds.

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