Girls Footpath

The last thing our girls need to worry about is keeping the mud out from between their toes!

$216 of $216 raised

Girl’s Footpath

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

The path between our girls’ hostel and our dining room is a well-trodden one. Every day thousands of steps are taken across it as our girls walk to breakfast, lunch and dinner, to the laundry and the kitchen, to tuition and church. During the monsoon there is a longer route they can use to avoid the rain, but kids being kids…they often don’t.

It costs about $12 per meter to construct a 1.2 meter wide path. That includes pavers, sand, cement and labor. We recently built a similar path for our oldest resident, and the result was both functional and beautiful. With your help we can do the same for our small girls, keeping their feet dry and out of the mud for many years to come.

Anyone want to walk down this path with us?

Project Update!

Thanks to some amazing friends who chose to turn an afternoon lunch into a little fundraiser we have been able to complete this project! Our girls could not be happier! The new path will keep their feet dry for years and years to come. Awesome job team!