Hammer Drill

For all our electrical work, for plumbing, for installation of new windows and removal of walls…It’s hammer time!

$390 of $390 raised

Hammer Drill

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Need to smash through a wall?

Want to drill a hole through solid stone? Perhaps you’re looking to dig up a concrete path? Well, believe us, the best thing for that is a heavy-duty hammer drill! These drills make light work of big jobs. We had one until recently, a tough rugged beast that loved nothing more than a stubborn wall to turn into powder. But after faithfully pulling more than its weight over many years, after countless repairs, after seeing the removal and construction of half a dozen buildings, our beloved drill finally bit the dust…so to speak.

We are lost without our hammer drill, and are hoping that someone out there knows exactly how we feel. Anyone feel like  leaving a legacy of dust and destruction?

Project Update!

Thanks to the amazing support of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, we have now been able to purchase not one…but two new hammer drills! This is truly amazing and we are so grateful for the support. These drills will help to keep our projects and constructions smashing along!