Pressure Tank

Help us keep blast away the grime from our paths, bathrooms and swimming pool!

$475 of $475 raised

High Pressure Tank

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

This is a critical item here on the farm that is beyond necessary. Our current tank is 25 liters and is simply too small to meet our daily demands. (It’s the sad looking white cylinder in the picture above.) What we really need is a 325 liter beauty to help keep the water pressure up and to take some of the pumping pressure off the pump. When the tank gets low, the pump kicks on…and currently, our pump has been running every 30 seconds or so, which is wearing parts out at an alarming rate. What do you say? Any tankers? We’d be beyond tankful.

Project Update!

Our new high pressure water tank has arrived. We were finally able to trade our sad 25 liter tank for a beautiful 325 liter tank, and the water pressure has never been the same. Huge thanks to Avis Harrison and Marty & John Coulter for their contributions.  We love you guys!

Rick picked the tank up in Delhi, drove through the night, and installed before resting. This man is dedicated.