New Tractor

Other than the farmer, nothing works harder on a farm than a tractor. And our tractors are getting tired.

$800 of $13,500 raised

New Tractor

$800 of $13,500 raised
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On a big farm like ours, good tractors are indispensable. In fact, they are used for much more than just plowing the fields. They are an essential piece of the machine that keeps our organization running smoothly.

But like any piece of machinery, they eventually wear out. Our current tractors were purchased by the Shipway family back in 2006 when they sold their home in Tasmania, Australia. Since then, they have served us well. Working through some of the most difficult conditions imaginable, they have pushed, pulled and plowed in a way that would make John Deere proud. Sadly, their time is coming to an end. The constant loads they have carried have taken a heavy toll on them.

Now it’s time to look for a replacement.

Our Tafe tractor has seen better days

Working on the wheat harvest

New tractors are not cheap. We are looking for a mid range 53HP machine that can be used for a variety of purposes. They cost around $13,500, which includes registration and insurance. So we are putting it out into the world, hoping that someone, somewhere, might see just how vital this item will be to our organization.