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New Vehicle

A big item but a big need as well. Help us keep the Mission wheels rolling. 

$30 of $12,500 raised

New Vehicle

$30 of $12,500 raised
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If you are not able to make your donation online via Paypal, you can transfer it into our bank account. So that we can best provide you with the correct bank account number for your country, please get in contact with us. We are able to provide tax-deductible receipts in the USA and Australia.

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A small family can often get by with just one car, though two is even better. But in our family of over one hundred, we have exactly two vehicles for all Mission needs…and neither is overly reliable. This can lead to problems, as you might imagine. If one car is off in Delhi and the other is in the shop for repairs, we can find ourselves without a ride. Unexpected visits to the hospital, sudden trips to the market for needed supplies, or sick children who need picking up from school are just a few of the daily emergencies we face.

We know it is a big ask, but a new car would really make a difference in this place. Our ideal vehicle would be reliable enough to use to pick up volunteers or do shopping in Delhi, robust enough to carry goods & supplies from the local market and small enough to park in the crowded streets India is famous for.

For anyone looking to help this project, please click the DONATE NOW button and hop on board. If you would like to arrange a tax-deductible receipt for either Australia or the USA, please get in contact with us prior to making your donation. Thanks for helping us get where we need to go.

Our Bolero under repairs in the workshop

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