Orphan Christmas

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$5,500 of $5,000 raised

Orphan Christmas

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Well, another amazing year has flown by and soon the annual Christmas celebrations will begin.

Every year is a huge undertaking for us. Each child gets a new set of clothes and a wrapped gift in the morning when they wake up. At brunch they get another gift plus a special bag full of treats. In addition to this the younger nursery kids get stockings filled to the brim when they wake.

The fifty or so members of our staff also get a present as do returning mission kids and any guests or volunteers, all of which can easily add up to another 100 presents!

We also host Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day brunch for around 200 people. Plus Christmas cake and decorations. We even have fireworks and bus trips for the kids. As you can imagine, it’s a blast, but it’s not cheap.

All totaled, it costs around $5000 and that money just comes out of the general fund. Our family does it every year, but this year, at the request of friends around the world, we thought we would open it up for our supporters to get involved.

So what do you say? We ho-ho-hope you’ll join us in giving these amazing children another Christmas to remember.


Project Update!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s 12:29 here in India and 2016 has officially begun. Before we get any further into January and any further away from Christmas, here is a little video for you. It’s two minutes of video fun from the Christmas festivities you helped sponsor here at The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission.  From gingerbread houses to piñatas, fireworks and caroling, gifts and special meals and so much more. I hope the happy faces you’ll see will put a much deserved smile on your own face. We really couldn’t have done it without you.