Pressure Washer

Help us keep blast away the grime from our paths, bathrooms and swimming pool!

Pressure Washer

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

$310 of $310 raised

We used to have one of these, but it got used to death. For washing out the pool (instead of hand scrubbing as shown above), for pressure cleaning moldy concrete walls, for cleaning cement walkways. A hose of this kind keeps us off our knees and onto more important tasks. A good one costs 26,000 rupees or a little over 300 US dollars at today’s exchange rate. If you’re into efficiency, cleanliness, or you simply like intense streams of water, this is the project for you.

Project Update!

We were able to buy two pressure washers that were on sale in Delhi, thanks to the support of Marty & John Coulter. The Coulters are also sponsors and to demonstrate their purchase, we asked Malika (their sponsor child) to pull the trigger. We’ll use these to clean off cement where algae tends to grow during the humid monsoon, clean cars and motorbikes, hose down bathrooms and to scrub the pool when cleaning time rolls around next year.