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$220,602 of $220,000 raised

Project Banbasa

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Providing accommodation to our orphanage staff

S. Group is partnering with the GSAM and the Maxton Strong School to construct new housing for six of our staff families. This project has been in development for years and is desperately needed, with many current staff homes in terrible states of disrepair. It will also provide a facility to allow our school to increase its staff, better equipping it in delivering a quality education to our students.

When complete, this new development will not only create space for additional staff and teachers to be hired and housed, it will provide dignity and respect for the long-term staff members and their families, many of whom work without pay, having served their entire lives on the mission grounds.

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Who gets the benefit?

The benefits of this project will be felt directly by the six staff families who take up residence. Indirectly some 650 students will be affected as the new accommodation will allow us to employ more staff for our school and orphanage. Local builders and construction crew also will receive full-time work until the project is completed.

Progress Expectations

Our hope is to have the entire project completed at the latest by April 2018, but we must start now — in April 2017. Taking into account the upcoming monsoon season and margin for any other delays, we are expecting to have the first floor completed by October 2017 and the second by February 2018.

Who are you helping?
The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission is a non-profit in North India run by Tasmanian father and son team Rick & Clifton Shipway. While the primary function of the mission is to raise the 80 orphan children in their care, the GSAM is more than just a home. In every sense of the word, it is a family, full of fun and laughter, where childhood is not simply a stage to go through but a time to enjoy.

More than just an orphanage

Apart from the orphanage, the GSAM also operates a 60-acre farm, as well as a dairy, welding & carpentry workshops, a leprosy colony, a disaster relief centre, a vocational sewing centre for local women and a large school. The Maxton Strong School, named after the mission’s founder, is a unique project, providing an excellent education at reduced fees so that all children in the area, regardless of income level, can afford to attend. Currently, in addition to the orphanage children, there are around 800 students enrolled.

Project Updates

Amazingly we successfully raised $220,000 for our new staff housing with the help of S. To say thanks, John Marshall shot a quick video featuring our kids and some of the staff who will be benefiting from the new building. The video is one minute long and is sure to give you a quick smile for just the click of a button. Take a look and thanks again to everyone at S. Group and all of their amazing supporters.

This project will be long ongoing journey, as it unfolds we will update our blog with progress reports. We are so grateful to all the incredible people who made this impossible dream a reality. Our staff are overjoyed.

Here is a little video update on the progress of the construction. Though the monsoon has been pouring down on our work site, Clifton was not about to let a little rain stop the progress. This is dedication. This is commitment. This is ridiculous.

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