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How To Set Up A Paypal Sponsorship Payment

For a lot of people using Paypal is a little scary. Giving your credit card or banking details out over the internet might seem dangerous to you, but rest assured, Paypal is one of the “good guys”. There are 110 million people using Paypal at the moment, out of the top 2.6 million people using it the average spent online is $4,214 each per year.  315.3 million dollars is spent each day on Paypal, that is 20% of all Ecommerce payments worldwide. Paypal processed over 60 billion dollars in payments in 2013. It is safe, secure and easy to use. You do not need to be afraid of it.

In case you are having any problems here are some simple steps to help you set up your Child Sponsorship Payments:

1. Click the link that we send you.

Once we have figured out and confirmed a child with you we will send you a customized link to the correct web address for you to set up your sponsorship payments. The page will look like the following…



2. If you have a Paypal Account already then just fill in your details (skip to step 3), otherwise click the button “Pay using your credit or debit card”.

This will take you to the following screen where you can set up a Paypal account and enter in your credit or debit card details.


Please be sure to put in your contact details correctly as we will use these to correspond with you.

3. Once you have entered in your details and submitted them you should be taken to the ‘Review Your Payment page’.

Double check your details before clicking Agree and Pay.


4. That’s it! Your payment is now set up.

It is that simple. You should also receive a confirmation from Paypal in your email to let you know. If you have any problems at all please just let us know: