Small Boys Hostel Drain

Blocked drains and heavy rains are a terrible combination. Let’s remove the threat of flooding from our small boys’ hostel courtyard. 

$500 of $500 raised

Small Boys Hostel Drain

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Rain here at the mission is not like rain where you live.

Sometimes we get more than 10 inches (255 mm) in just a few hours. We once received more than 24 inches (610+ mm) in a single day!

We handle all this excess water with a series of drains that divert potential flooding away from our homes and common areas. But in our small boys’ hostel, a collapsed drain has been turning their central courtyard into a shallow pool with each passing downpour.

We can continue to bail as if trying to save a sinking ship…or we can dig up the old drain, replace it with a new one and get the water flowing once again. If you’re looking for a small project that will have big impact during the next heavy rain, we hope you’ll consider getting involved with this simple drain campaign.

Project Update!

Thanks to the amazing support of our new friend Elisabeth Shroeder we have completed the project. Our Director Rick and our workshop team has been able to cut out the old floor, install a new pipe and plaster over the hole. This new extraction pipe should last as long as the building itself. The Small Boys are no longer afraid of the rain. Thanks so much Elisabeth!!!