Summer Games 3

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$2,400 of $2,400 raised

Summer Games 3

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

It’s the biggest, best orphanage extravaganza in all of India, and this summer…you’re invited. We call it Summer Games, and it’s like Hogwarts and summer camp rolled into one. 40 days of games, trips, new experiences, adventures, camping, travel, late nights, silly competitions and memories to last a lifetime. The kids look forward to it all year long and this year’s games, our third annual, are shaping up to be the best yet.

But we need your help.

Before the opening ceremonies get underway, we’re inviting sponsors to join the teams and help underwrite the events. Show you’re pachyderm pride and join the Elephant Team.  Or, sink your teeth into Team Crocodile. Whether you’re roaring with the Tigers or striking with the Cobras, you can join in on all the team action.

All for just $40!

Best of all, your money will go a long way in India, helping to fund such activities as…

  • An amusement park trip to Barielly
  • Elephant riding in Nepal
  • Camping in the Jungle
  • A trip to Abbott Mount
  • 12,000 water balloons
  • Loads of snacks and drinks and treats
  • And much much more!

All team supporters will get a special video THANK YOU from their team, as well as a special overview Summer Games video at the close of the event.

Don’t get left on the sidelines. Be a part of history. Pick your team, cheer from afar, and help make this years summer vacation something our kids will remember forever.

If you’re ready to sign up, join one of the teams on the right and lock in your spot. There are 15 slots per team, and you can buy as many slots as you like. (Or make any size donation for that matter.)

You can also share this campaign with someone you think might be interested. Sharing on Facebook is another way to help. Thanks for taking a look and for supporting these beautiful kids.

Now Let the Games Begin!

Project Update!

Well it’s been a few weeks since Summer Games 3 officially ended. The kids are all back in school and life has returned to a more normal, slower pace. Wherever you are, I hope you are still enjoying your summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) or your winter (in the South.) Either way, it gives me great pleasure you present your perk: The Official Summer Games 3 Video.

30 days and more than 500 video clips have been boiled down to a fun seven minutes and thirty-six seconds. And we owe much of it to you, our 38 donors. Many of you are long-time supporters of the Mission. Some of you are first-timers. How ever you came to this campaign, we thank you once again for getting involved.

This year, we took 50 kids camping in the Himalayas for 5 days…we went white-water rafting…we bought blocks of ice for our Frozen Night Games…we purchased colored material and snacks and props and inner tubes and fish hooks and kick balls and a megaphone and water balloons and so much more. It was a month-long party the kids will never forget.

So…THANK YOU. And here’s a little taste of what you helped bring to life.  Just click this link below.