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Swimming Pool Pump

When the temperatures here reach 120ºF (48ºC) the pool is the only place for our kids to escape the heat. But what can we do when there is no water? We turn to you for the answer.

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Swimming Pool Pump

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One predictable thing about life here on the Mission is the hot weather in summer.  Temperatures soar to over 120 degrees (48 Celsius) -it is not fun! One thing that is fun however is our swimming pool.

It may just be a large cement hole in the ground, and it may leak, and it may require complete draining and hand scrubbing every five days to keep it clean. But when the Indian sun beats down on us and there is not a bit of wind to provide relief, there is noting like a cool dip and an hour of swimming to beat back the heat, at least for a little while.

Unfortunately for our children though our swimming pool pump just isn’t working like it used to, more than 25 years of usage has seen the old well almost completely dried out. It is now time for us to dig a new well, not an easy or cheap task, but one that our 75 children will assure you is well worth it!

The new pump boring will have to be drilled down about 45-75ft through mud, clay and stone to ensure a long lasting supply of water. The new position of the pump, shown in blue above, will also help during the cleaning process of the pool (pumping in fresh water from the top and allowing for sediment to flow to the deeper bottom end).

Check out the video below to see just how much fun our kids have in the pool each year.

Maintaining the pool without a filter or any chemicals is a labor-intensive challenge. The concrete floor must be scrubbed by hand in a tangle of wire brushes, spraying hose water and general crouching. Once clean, it takes about three hours to fill the pool with this water lasting about five days in the heat before the cleaners are needed once again. It’s no small task but the results are more than worth it.