Visitor’s Path

For anyone planning a visit, this could be the perfect gift…to yourself!

$504 of $504 raised

Visitor’s Path

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Do you have a volunteering trip coming up with us? Or maybe your considering a return trip and another stay in our guest house. If so, this could be the perfect project for you. Save yourself the hassle of walking through the damp high grass, slipping in the mud or accidentally stepping on a snake that’s just trying to pass by. (Yes, it has happened.) A 42-meter stretch between your guest house and the rest of the property could be paved before you even arrive, all thanks to you!

Project Update!

This project is now complete! The new path has been installed and looks amazing! Check out the drone shot below to see just how far it spans. For all the nights our volunteers and visitors can now walk home without fear of stepping on a snake we thank you!!!