2 Wheelbarrows

Two wheelbarrows would make life so much easier!

$200 of $200 raised

2 Wheelbarrows

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

Ideally we’d have two but one would be amazing. We’re always moving things around the Mission, but most of the time we just use what we can find. Most of tgrab some handmade play carts to move bricks…or we grab blankets…or enlist the tuk-tuk. But really, wheelbarrows would be ideal. One hundred dollars buys a heavy-duty industrial model that can take whatever the mission can dish out. All thanks to you!

Project Update!

We are excited to say that both wheelbarrows have been funded and purchased! At a little less than expected, just $60 a piece, they are luxuries that are easy to put off…but thanks to Kirsten & Jack Elster and Susan Miller, we will be rolling heavy loads across the mission grounds for years to come.