Our Orphan School fundraiser that we are running to raise money for our school extension has left us amazed. It is no small thing to ask for $100,000 from the world and it is truly humbling to see our request being answered. At the moment the total sits at just over $40,000 –we are confident that we will make it. So many incredible people have pledged their support, none more so than a young lady named Ruby.

At just 10 years old Ruby, upon seeing what we were trying to do, decided she wanted to do something to help. With confidence and drive she launched a fundraising campaign of her own to help raise money for us. Her goal? Just five hundred dollars and she is asking people for ten dollar donations -because she is ten!

Ruby hit her goal in just three hours but she wants to take it further! We are so inspired and encouraged by her genuine interest in making a difference. Our hope is that her campaign will touch the hearts of many -her video certainly will inspire you if you let it. Please consider writing a message to support this amazing young lady, and, if you are keen, consider sharing or supporting her efforts:

Ruby is making a difference. She is showing the world that age, education and distance don’t have to stop you from doing something great. Please join with us this week in encouraging and blessing her as she in turn does so for us.