What can $12 buy?

A movie and a medium popcorn? Half a tank of gas? Three Starbucks coffees? Not much, really. Twelve dollars is a cheap dinner. A T-shirt, maybe. A bad haircut. A month and a half of Netflix.

But what if it could be much more than that?

What if it could change a life? What if it could bring hope? What if your $12 could travel, this Monday, into Nepal, and offer desperately needed supplies to the victims of the deadly earthquake? Not as part of a faceless fundraiser that might get eaten up in transportation costs or lost in red tape. But on a bus that I have been on, with people I know, hand delivered to remote areas where the need is the greatest.

Right now, in response to the destruction and desperation that exits just across the border from them, the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission—my home away from home in India—is launching their own relief effort. Call it Mission: Nepal. And while they are fully prepared to cover all aid costs themselves, they are offering us the chance to get involved, too. If you’ve followed the tragedy and thought: I wish there was something I could do…here is something.

What can $12 buy? Here’s what will be in each GSAM relief packet:

22 pounds of Rice
4.5 pounds of Chana Dal (Lentils)
2 pounds of Salt
2 pounds of Sugar
1 pound of Cooking Oil (Mustard Oil)
1 packet of Tea Leaves
4 packs Instant Noodles
1 packet of Turmeric
1 Lighter (with LED torch) 1
2 Hand Soaps
1 pack of Laundry Soap

Buy one bag in honor of someone you love. Or buy two or three or whatever your heart decides. Then pass this effort along to your online communities or anyone you think might be looking for a way to make a real difference. At this moment, care packages are being assembled by the children of the Mission. Imagine: orphans sharing their abundance with people who have less. Surely we can do as much.

If you’re interested in finding out more, click the button below and hop on the bus. Sorry Starbucks and Netflix, but I can’t think of a better use for my $12 than this.

Mission: Nepal