Over the last 8 months we have been saving up funds with the support of HADA Australia and some friends and family; the time has finally come. Rick has been out with his measuring tape, Clifton has been in discussions with our design team at EMI² and we now have a plan to put a tin roof across our Primary School block. This new roof will not only increase the buildings life, reduce the chance of leakage and allow us to harvest the rain water, it will also reduce temperatures in the summer significantly!

Some renderings of the final roof (seen in green).

On the construction side of things, dozens of iron trusses have been made up. We have also had some major demolition taking place. One epic sledge hammer job was the removal of the roof’s stairwell covering. Reinforced with plenty of iron to keep it from falling, this back-breaking job requires hour of repetitive pounding.

Once complete, the new green iron roof will be screwed into place creating a nice finished look to the building.

The action is taking place up there on the roof.

This whole reinforced structure has got to go.

Hours and hours of pounding.

Be grateful this is not your job.

Down on the ground our Samartha Saxena Memorial Learning Resource Center construction is going along well. Our plinth beam (the beam that supports the floor) is now in place. The new floor height can now be seen -well above the flood line!

The new library is rising up.