In an effort to direct water run off, provide a mounting point for solar panels and deflect much of the suns heat, our new Learning Resource Center will be fitted with a tin roof, similar that the one on our Primary School building.

The Primary School roof.

The metal frames are welded together up on the roof to form the trusses that support the tin. Our Director Rick Shipway along with his team of workshop men have been working hard on this job.

The blank roof… ready for work to commence.

Rick, living by the rule: measure twice… cut once.

Sunny straitening out the iron for the trusses.

Cutting out some of the raised concrete.

It is a hard job.

After just 5 days of work the frame work is almost complete. We think it looks amazing! Great work team!

Raju has just joined our team as a welder/fitter.

Painting the frames is Job’s responsibility.

Sunny keeping an eye on Raju’s work.

The trusses now in place.

Almost compete!