It’s not every week that we are able to announce that we’re letting our children jump around on a giant scorpion! In fact it is probably one of those things that make up the nightmares of many loving parents the world over.

Thankfully for us, our giant scorpion is a piece of our brand new playground courtesy of Playground Ideas! After waiting patiently for the paint to dry, after days of looking on in hope and excitement, our children were finally allowed to get in an enjoy the new equipment. As you’ll see in the pictures below, it was worth the wait. The kids love it!!!

The rail slide is super popular, but the line moves pretty fast!

Indro walking across the wobbly bridge that connects the old fort to the new one.

Is this some crazy version of “Whack-A-Mole?”

The old fort has had a massive face lift with new paint and a few new attachments.

Ajay having a great time on the fort.

Even the old swings got a facelift.

The giant tire swing was shifted over from our old playground.

The seesaw certainly has it’s ‘ups and downs’.

Saloni and Shivani love the new playground!

Just hanging out on the new playground.

Along with the playground a new volleyball court has opened up on the mission. With games happening each and every afternoon it wont be long before our kids are challenging local teams in tournaments. It’s a perfect way to warm up on a cold winter afternoon.

Micah getting into the volleyball game.

Anish, committed to his team 100%!

To celebrate the opening of the new playground here is a little video we put together.