While the rest of the world has just over a week until the ‘big day’ we have just two days left to ours. On Tuesday next week our school will host its Annual Christmas Program, an event more than two months in the making. Dances, dramas, speeches and songs have been prepared for the big day in which as many as two thousand are expected to be in attendance. Over the last two weeks our school children have been spending half of their day in practice sessions, constructing decorations or preparing in other ways for the event. Of course many of our teachers have also been getting involved in the work as well.

Props for a National Anthem performance under construction.

Dance practice in the warm morning sun.

The choir is sounding angelic!

Hundreds upon hundreds of decoration pieces are scattered around classrooms.

Rochelle Ma’am and Jackie working on the visual displays.

Sorting our personal Christmas Cards created by students for their loved ones.

Dances by the youngest ones are always the cutest!

Chandi Ma’am working on some decorations.

Didn’t get your invitation? No problem, you are welcome to come on the 19th at 5:00pm!

Personalized invitation cards being prepared.