One of the unique things about our organization is the way that our children, even upon leaving our orphanage, maintain their connection with us. Family is so much more than blood. It is more than who your parents are.

We are so proud of the way our older boys have created a sense of family and connection with our younger ones through the Strong Riders motorbike group. Several times each year around a dozen of our ex-boys (now men) come back to the orphanage and take our younger (16+ year olds) on a motorbike tour. Many of our staff also travel on the tour.

This week the boys piled onto motorcycles and set out with 26 riders on what was supposed to be a three hour tour into the Himalayas. But when an alternate route -a rougher, steeper, more difficult path was suggested by Eugene it ended up becoming a 15 hour journey. They had an incredible adventure with multiple landslides to cross, stuck cars to assist and many other challenges keep things interesting. It was a memorable ‘manly’ trek that every single one of the boys loved. We are so proud of the Strong Riders crew for everything they stand for.

26 bikers ready to head off on a 15 hour ride through the mountains.

Rolling Himalayan foothills.

Sometimes even the support car needed some help getting through.

There was plenty of time for Sunny to explore the mountainside.

Safety first?

Clifton in the newly accessible Ritha Sahib valley.

Kamal removing an abandoned fishing net from the river that had already claimed the life of a water snake and trapped a crab.

The night sky over Champawat was amazing!

Waiting for a landslide to be cleared before the group can continue on.