Republic Day is a special day for India. Traditionally, it’s a time for schools to hold special programs to honor the Indian Constitution and the country, but this year, the Maxton Strong School went a step beyond. More than 700 students and staff marched the 1km into Banbasa, raising their voices and their hand-made signs, declaring their national pride.

It was solid walk with nearly constant shouting, but the kids rose to the challenge. To avoid any meltdowns, the youngest children got to ride the school buses, though this did not diminish their enthusiasm one bit.

It was quite a spectacle that stopped traffic and had a local police escort clearing the way. Through the market, past shopkeepers and shoppers, it was a raucous, patriotic parade that just may become an annual event. Take a look at a few snaps from the day as well as a beautiful video complete with drone footage you wont want to miss.