Those who have been following for a while now know that we have been working for the last year on constructing the Samartha Saxena Memorial Learning Resource Center. This new building will be a huge asset to our orphanages school campus. Contained within it’s walls is the largest library in our district, a computer lab and endless possibilities for our students.

We count ourselves incredibly blessed by the people who have made this building possible. We thank God for bringing each and every one into our lives, and while it would be impossible for us to list every person who has helped to make this happen we want to make special mention to the Samartha Saxena Foundation and CenturyLink India who provided the finances for the construction. The official opening for the building is just one week away. We are so proud of the way it has all come together, it is truly a great testament to the many loving hands who continually lift us up.

For many years now we have been collecting books for the library, some we have purchased ourselves but most have been generously donated by friends from around the world. We want to again thank Manjul and Alka Saxena from the Samartha Saxena Foundation as well as Mathias from Booklinks for their support. While there is still room for more, our shelves are certainly not empty. Thank you for making this happen.

The work is far from over on the new building. There is still much for us to do in the coming week. The final few pieces of furniture are coming together in the carpentry shop where our carpenter Ganesh has been joined by Clifton and Sunny who continue to work on little creative side projects to make the new building that extra bit special. It is all hands on deck as we start the final countdown.