A New Drill

WARNING! This is not a drill! We genuinely need a new drill and would love it if you could help out.

$145 of $145 raised

A New Drill

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

There is always a lot of work that goes on around here. With the constant construction, renovation and repairs that happen on a weekly basis, our power tools take a beating. The latest fatality was our favorite power drill. Used by our workshop team, our carpenter and even our older children, we are “screwed” without it!

We have a set of Dewalt cordless power tools and batteries and would like to get a drill that would work with them if possible. The next best thing would be a wired high-power drill that would be useful for drilling into both iron and wood.

Project Update!

Our Director, Rick, was able to head into Delhi and purchase the new drill from a wholesaler there. We received such a great price that we were able to purchase two drills for the price of one! Now our carpenter and our workshop department no longer need to share drills! Thank you so much to the amazing anonymous supporters who made this happen!