We have an overwhelming amount of people asking us about adoption. As a result we have made this page. Please note:

  • Our organization does not adopt or foster out children. All of our kids have family members and legal guardians.
  • We cannot provide any assistance or information to people who are wanting to adopt other than what is on this page.

We are by no means experts in the matter but in our experience and understanding in-country and inter-country adoption in India has been very difficult in the past but new laws are being implemented to streamline this process. Estimates for the number of orphans in India varies from 16 million to 30 million, but only about 2,500 orphans were adopted last year, down from 5,700 four years ago. The Ministry of Women & Child Development’s autonomous body Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) now handles all adoption inquiries, applications and adoptions within India. Prospective parents are should register with the authority, whose automated system will match them with children.

CARA's WebsiteFor those people wishing to adopt we suggest the following:

  1. Only adopt from registered Specialized Adoption Agencies (SAA’s) recognized by State Governments.
  2. Read the guidelines on CARA’s website carefully.
  3. Do not try to adopt directly from nursing homes, hospitals, maternity homes, unauthorized institutions or individuals.

While we believe that adoption can be a beautiful thing it is not something that our organization is or ever plans to be involved with in the future. We wish anyone wanting to adopt the very best and we hope that you find what you are looking for.