Air Compressor

Our current compressor really blows… well actually it doesn’t, that’s the problem!

$320 of $320 raised

Air Compressor

$320 of $320 raised
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When you have a big workshop like ours, when you paint your own furniture, roof trusses and cars, when you need to inflate a tractor tire that has been punctured… a compressor gets the job done well. Our current compressor is over 20 years old, it has served us well… but it just doesn’t blow like it used to. We would absolutely love to get a new compressor. It is not a small ask but we believe, given the use our old one has been over the last 20 years, that a new one would be extremely useful. We hope to be able to sell the old one, though we don’t expect to get much, hopefully it will be enough to cover a new hose and fittings.

Project Update!

We have now purchased the compressor and it is in regular use in our workshop! Thank you so much to everyone who supported this project.