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John is a nine-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer and the author of the Random House release "Wide-Open World," a memoir about the six months he spent volunteering his way around the world with his family. Through his organization New Orphan Age, John now spends much of his creative time and talent working for orphan projects around the world. You can learn more about John at his website: www.JohnMarshall.com


It’s been a quiet week. School is in session. The wheat is growing. Small jobs are getting done. Life is going on. I (John) thought I’d just give a few snapshots of the farm at this moment. Here goes. As I grab my camera and step outside, it’s 5:30 PM. Tuition (after-school tutoring) is over

Spring and Sorrow

The local Internet has been particularly stubborn lately, refusing to connect us for days on end. But with the pathway momentarily clear, here's what's been happening at the Mission this past week. Valentine’s Day was bittersweet this year at the Farm, with both joy and sorrow in equal measure. On the one hand, spring is in

Love and Loss

“The risk of love is loss.” Hillary Stanton Zunin said this, and I ran across her quote this afternoon following a few losses that happened here at the Mission this week. (This is John, by the way, filling in as guest blogger.) The first came from the nursery. “Raymond died,” Reena blurted out to me

Zombie Day

It’s hard to say exactly what went on at the thousands of orphanages across India yesterday, but I’d be willing to bet that none of them celebrated Zombie Day the way we did at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission. As part of our Summer Games, we put together a playfully ghoulish competition, allowing our four

Game On

One of the best parts of Summer Games is the many new experiences the kids get to participate in. Not for points, these activities are included to make the kind of summer memories summer camps are famous for. One such activity this week was Jungle Ghost Night, a repeat of last years popular fright fest

The Games Go On…

As the temperature continues to climb, the Summer Games are heating up as well, with another week of exciting team action. Whether you’re cheering for Team Tiger, Team Elephant, Team Crocodile or Team Cobra, here are just a few snapshots from this week’s competition. The Official Summer Games Emblem Not all Summer Games

Mission Nepal

What can $12 buy? A movie and a medium popcorn? Half a tank of gas? Three Starbucks coffees? Not much, really. Twelve dollars is a cheap dinner. A T-shirt, maybe. A bad haircut. A month and a half of Netflix. But what if it could be much more than that? What if it could change

Sam’s Story

Why do we do the things we do? The lives we live, the actions we take. What’s it all for? Are we all simply stars at the center of our own self-centered universes? Or is there something more going on, a deeper connected truth that none of us (least of all me) can fully explain?

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