Bathroom of Terror

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Bathroom of Terror

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

As every teenage girl knows, a good bathroom is a critical part of daily life.

But here at our orphanage the Big Girls’ Hostel has what may be one of the creepiest bathrooms you’ll ever see. Run down, leaking, depressing and dark, this ancient washroom has been badly in need of repairs for years. It certainly isn’t a nice place for a dozen teen girls to begin and end each day.

In the hot summer, snakes come in the open drain. In the cold winter, there is no hot water system to warm up with. Mirrors are pitted and stained, all but unusable. Only squat toilets are currently installed. Faucets don’t work. Every pipe fixture leaks. Shower stall doors are rusting off their hinges. It truly is a Bathroom of Terror.

It’s time we brighten up life for these girls and dispel the darkness once and for all. Our goal is to raise $5000 to completely overhaul this dim little corner of India. Included in the renovations will be the following items:

To save money most all work will be done by our Mission staff.

For every girl who can imagine what a nightmare this would actually be…for every parent of a teen daughter who understands what life would be like under these conditions, we urge you to get involved. Choose a perk and make a donation. You can even have a stall dedicated to you or have the whole bathroom named in your honor. Then plan to come visit and see your plaque in action.

If you can’t donate, that’s okay. Share this campaign on Facebook or Twitter, or email it to a friend. It really does make a difference. Every view, every like, every share counts.

Plus, these girls are worth it. Here are just a few of them during less frightening times…

Should we reach this first goal, our stretch goal will be to complete the same renovations for the Big Boys’ hostel. Think of it like Bathroom of Terror Part 2. And trust us…if you could see (and smell) this one with your own eyes (and nose)… you’d know: the sequel is even more frightening than the original.

Thanks so much for taking a look at this.

Project Update!

Five days into this campaign.,..WE DID IT! Thanks to all the 50 generous supporters who got involved and made it happen, as well as the 353 people who shared it on Facebook.

16th October 2017

Because of the monsoon rains we have decided to work on the Big Boys Hostel bathroom first. We smashed out all of the old stalls, tiles, windows and plumbing and installed redesigned everything! The new bathroom looks amazing! So bright and comfortable, the boys were ready to throw a party in there to commission its opening!

We will be putting together a plan to start the Big Girls Hostel bathroom in the next few weeks, now that the monsoon is over we can shift the girls out and into an old hostel (so that the builders can work in their comfortably). Stay tuned!

28th November 2017

Our workers have gotten stuck in over the last few weeks and the new bathroom is almost complete! Our girls are super excited and cannot wait to be allow back into their hostel. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped to make this happen.

12th December 2017

The Big Girls Hostel is now complete! No more fears in the middle of the night! This bright, beautiful space is a complete transformation from it’s dark and dank past. Thank you so much to everyone who helped to make this project such a success, we are so grateful for everything! We hope to be putting together a little thank you video from our girls in the coming weeks.