Big Boys Hostel Roof

This leaky mess has dripped long enough. Help shelter our boys and keep their rooms dry.

$2,265 of $8,300 raised

Big Boys Hostel Roof

$2,265 of $8,300 raised
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Our Big Boys’ Hostel is over 30 years old.

Today, after years of monsoons, hot summers and cold winters, the roof is covered with cracks and splits. When it rains, more than half of the hostel rooms leak with many boys simply enduring the small waterfalls and rivers their walls and floors become.

We have tried to cover the roof with sealants such as tar and rubberized sheets, but everything has ultimately failed. We faced similar issues in the past with our Big Girls Hostel and found that the best solution was to construct a steel frame to hold a new tin sheet roof. Such a roof allows us to not only divert the water and stop the leaks, it provides some insulation from the hot summer sun and extends the life of our building.

To keep costs down, our workshop team will make all the trusses and install the tin roof, but we do need to buy the iron and the tin sheets. If you’d like to get involved, please click the donate button and help us keep the rain out of the boys’ hostel for good.