Construction Video

There has been a crazy amount of work going on over the last week. Here is a little video showing just some of that has been going on: The wooden boards that are held up with poles make a mold into which the concrete for the first floor and beams are poured. After curing

Ride Of My Life

I have butterflies in my stomach. Like a little school boy at the town fair I find myself filled with excitement as we prepare to jump back on the Indiegogo roller coaster. In a massive effort, like nothing I have ever been a part of before, we are trying to raise $100,000. This is a

Heading On Up

Work on our Primary School Extension is going really well. This project has been supported through our School Desks For Orphans Indiegogo campaign that we ran a few months ago. While there is still a lot of fundraising to be done before we can complete the double story construction we are confident enough to start.

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