We are grateful to report that we have not had any cases of COVID-19 on our campus. Our staff and children are locked down, safe behind our gates. We are taking every precaution we can to keep them safe. None of us have ever seen a moment in time like this: A single virus has united billions of us with the same struggles, the same isolation, the same fears and concerns. Yet somehow we are finding life and hope in it all.

The key areas that the virus is affecting us here on the mission are:

  • The return of dozens of past children means more mouths to feed but also more hands to help.
  • A loss of self-generated funding due to the closing of our school has made paying salaries and wages a real struggle for us.
  • Closed borders have meant a lack of laborers for the completion of our farm work.
  • Unavailability of resources limits where we are able to help.
  • Our school has become a quarantine center for anyone coming in from other states or districts.
  • We have been forced to close our volunteer program for the foreseeable future.


Everyone across the globe is struggling with Corona virus in their own way. These are the key areas that we are in need at the moment:

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With the highest rate of density population in the world a pandemic like COVID-19 is devastating for India. The country has been hit incredibly hard by the virus and the extremely strict lockdown laws in place to combat infection. While the Government has put efforts in place to support at risk people there is still a tremendous need. We are fortunate to live in a “Green Zone” where there are relatively low cases, other areas are seeing thousands of new cases each day.

As time goes on it is expected that the virus will become more prominent in our area, thankfully a lower population density will work in our favor if/when it does.


The work here doesn’t stop when there is a lockdown. If we want to have enough food to eat, fields have to be harvested, watered and tended to every single day. Without the regular seasonal labor that we are used to, our staff and children have stepped up. In addition to their already full workload, they have dug deep and put in the extra hours to ensure our wheat crop was harvested, corn was planted and fields were prepared and ready for our rice paddy planting when the monsoon rains arrive. Here are just a few of the incredible people who have stepped up in the last few months. We are so proud of each of them:

In the coming weeks we will be relying more than ever on our staff, staff children, our older Mission kids and the large number of returned alumni (old Mission children who have returned home to wait out the lockdown). The monsoon will be here any day, which means there will be an endless list of jobs to do with urgent pace. Maintenance issues and medical expenses tend to be more regular during the monsoon season. It may be difficult, be we know that together we can get through this!


While most of our general day-to-day expenses are covered through the incredible support of our sponsors and regular donors, a gaping hole has opened up in our finances due to the closing of our school. Our school was our primary income source for the payment of all our staff’s salaries -without it we are unsure of how we will keep paying wages. In April this year, we asked for help in our weekly newsletter through an Emergency Fundraising Campaign with Global Giving. People from all over the world showed their support to our staff and helped us to raise just over two months’ salaries. In June, we finally received some money from the Indian Government that has been owed to us for several years and these funds will cover a further two months’ wages. We are grateful to have security up until the end of July.

In addition to this, we have also made a decision to give a small “allowance” (around US $10 per month) to each of our returning alumni so that they recharge phones, purchase toiletries… etc. Each of them is being such a great help here – we feel this is the very least we can do.


There is always hope. Even in the darkest of nights we can remember that the dawn will eventually come. We are reminding ourselves and our children of this fact as we read stories and reports of the horrors that others have endured these last few months. In the hope of inspiring our supporters and providing a little update of life here in lockdown, we put together this quick little video – may it bring some joy into your life.

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