For volunteers who wish to stay with us, we ask for a donation of $10-30 US per day but leave this amount up to you. This covers your lodging, three meals each day, morning and afternoon tea, local travel and the opportunity to immerse yourself in life here. Considering the life-changing experience that many of our volunteers report, we hope this small sum feels like a bargain by the end of your stay.

All money raised from our volunteering program is used to cover upkeep in our guest houses and operating expenses which are often difficult to fundraiser for. As you will see, a large organization such as ours has many moving parts, and day-to-day resources play a critical role in the work that we do.

This said, we recognize that volunteers can provide critical skills, ideas and energy, so please don’t let cost be your deciding factor. For those with abundant resources, larger donations are always welcome. For those with less, please let us know what you are capable of if anything at all. Our goal is a mutually beneficial partnership that leaves everyone feeling blessed at the end.