Many of our children are brought here by their family members when relatives die. Some are brought by the police. Some are brought by the Human Rights Association, Welfare Department or local MLA’s or Pradhans (village chiefs).

We do not take any children without the written permission of the District Magistrate or Welfare Department.

Our suggestion would be to get your organization connected with the following:

  • Local Police, MLA’s, Government Offices, Pradhans, Sawapatis… etc.
  • Human Rights Association
  • Any NGO’s operating in your area that have similar goals
  • Local press / journalists

At the very least write a letter to each and post via Registered Mail (as then they won’t just think it is junk mail). A week or two later you could visit their offices in person (just to let them see that you are serious). It is good to have your goals/vision draw up on paper (in Hindi and English).