Summers here in India can be a nasty thing, temperatures can get as high as 52°C (126°F) in the middle of the day and barely drop below 30°C (86°F) at night. The electricity supply is also not constant so we try to discourage people from coming in the middle of summer (April – June) unless they are adventurous and confident they can handle it.

Monsoon weather can also be difficult for some as it is both hot and humid. Often the rains flood out roads and can interfere with peoples travel plans. Winter is by far the most popular season for people to come out to spend time with us -Christmas being the peak of that time. In the winter temperatures generally stay a good 5-15 degrees above freezing.

We have no heating in any of our accommodation so it is important that you bring warm clothing during winter months. Warm blankets are provided.

Month Season Max Temp. Average High Average Low Average Rainfall
January Winter 32°C 21°C 9°C 1.54cm
February Winter 34°C 25°C 11°C 1.25cm
March Winter/Summer 50°C 34°C 16°C 1.03cm
April Summer 50°C 37°C 21°C 1.26cm
May Summer 52°C 40°C 25°C 2.06cm
June Summer/Monsoon 49°C 38°C 26°C 8.84cm
July Monsoon 44°C 34°C 26°C 22.12cm
August Monsoon 39°C 33°C 26°C 22.78cm
September Monsoon 43°C 33°C 24°C 10.16cm
October Monsoon/Winter 45°C 32°C 20°C 3.49cm
November Winter 40°C 28°C 14°C 0.5cm
December Winter 38°C 23°C 10°C 0.55cm