There are many people who think that just because you are running an NGO you must be incredibly rich. Generally though, it is quite the opposite. Most of our members would personally have less than $300 in their bank accounts and their only real “assets” are their motorcycles or scooters.

There will always be people who prey on NGO’s and orphanages the world over. They think that we all get money from Western Countries and therefore we can afford to be “ripped off”.  This is of course not always the case; many businesses that we deal with are sympathetic to our cause, give us great discounts and become some of our most active supporters.

Sometimes you also have to be aware of religious and political agendas, these both can effect the way people treat you and your organization. This applies from the smallest situations (like people donating to your cause) right up to Government Offices. We don’t know why people act this way; we should all be concerned about the needy (no matter what religion is involved).