What about laundry and washing my clothes?

Good question. There are two options. First, our local river is only 5-10 minutes walk away. You can take time away from the mission and go wash your clothing on the rocks there at the river. Be aware that morning time is not the best time as it is when many of the local villagers

Where is The GSAM located?

The Mission is 330 kms due East of New Delhi, just on the Western corner of Nepal, in the State of Uttarakhand (previously called Uttaranchal). The nearest town to us is Banbasa. Banbasa is a small town located on National Highway 125 in between the towns of Khatema and Tanakpur. Banbasa is also one of

Can I visit The GSAM?

We love to have visitors, but for the protection of our children, all visitors must go through a strict screening process. More information about this process can be found in this FAQ but essentially all visitors need to apply via our online Volunteer Application Form which is available from the menu above. All volunteers under

What are the rules for staying at the mission?

We do have quite a few expectations in place for volunteers, this is both for the protection of our children and also to make your trip a more enjoyable one for everyone. We have a Child Protection Policy that must be followed by all visitors during their time on our property. In addition to this

How long can I stay?

Our Board of Directors has implemented a policy that first time volunteers are only able to stay for a maximum of 10 days. There is no minimum.

Can I bring my children?

Yes, we have many visitors who come with children of all ages. That said it is important that it be discussed with us during your application process.

Is there accommodation on the GSAM for volunteers?

Yes, we have enough accommodation to keep up to about 12-15 people scattered across the mission. All our rooms are clean and safe but some are definitely better than others. Most have private bathrooms or share bathrooms with another guestroom. A few of our rooms also have solar/battery backup systems for when the power is

What about electricity?

India operates on 240v; plugs C & D. If you are from Australia, UK, Asia or other countries that operate on 240v you will only need a plug adapter. If you are from the USA you will probably need a voltage converter and plug adapter. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit. Blackouts

What is the weather like there?

Summers here in India can be a nasty thing, temperatures can get as high as 52°C (126°F) in the middle of the day and barely drop below 30°C (86°F) at night. The electricity supply is also not constant so we try to discourage people from coming in the middle of summer (April – June) unless

What can I do while I am at the mission?

We are a community and live, work and play together as you will see when you get here. There is opportunity for teachers, child care helpers, practical/maintenance persons, nurses, accountants; you name it! Some of our best visitors have just done simple things like teaching our children to use a computer, draw, paint, swim, dance,

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