What does it cost to stay at the mission?

For volunteers who wish to stay with us, we ask for a donation of $10-30 US per day but leave this amount up to you. This covers your lodging, three meals each day, morning and afternoon tea, local travel and the opportunity to immerse yourself in life here. Considering the life-changing experience that many of

What clothes should I wear?

Modest western clothing is acceptable, i.e. Jeans and T Shirt or blouse. For females low cut tops ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT acceptable, the same with tank tops, sleeveless tops and skirts. Shorts on males are reasonably acceptable, long pants are better. Sandals, shoes, joggers, flip flops are the best for foot wear.

What happens if I get sick?

If you do get sick we well help to look after you, we have good local doctors and hospitals close by. All medical expenses must be paid by you however. For minor cuts, scrapes or headaches we have a fully equipped medical station in our office.

What should I do about money?

For personal use there are plenty of ATM’s in our local market and towns nearby. Travelers’ Checks or foreign currency cannot be changed locally, so get it done in Delhi before you arrive. Donations to our organization must be made through appropriate banking channels, we will provide receipts for these donations.

What about food & drinking water while at the mission?

Meals for volunteers are provided. Our staple diet is rice, chapattis (flat bread), lentils, or some sort of vegetable curry. Water on the mission is clean, but for people who want to be extra careful, we have several filter stations around the campus. Breakfast is normally 6:30am followed by a 12:00pm lunch and 7:00pm dinner.

What is the easiest way to get to the mission?

There are several options for traveling to the mission: Government Bus Government or “Roadways” buses leave from Anand Vihar bus stand every night and morning between 7 and 11. There are generally around 6-8 buses each day and their terminating station is Tanakpur (pronounced ‘tun-uk-pour’). Buses are generally fairly crowded but will get you here

So I want to volunteer, what is the next step?

The very first step is always to fill in a Volunteer Application Form, its quite simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. We do have to be careful as to whom we have working with or coming in contact with the children. We are more than happy to have visitors but the safety

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