Each year in an effort to add a bit more excitement to our kids school summer holidays we plan out a massive array of games, challenges, activities, picnics, parties and more; we call this event the Summer Games. Our children compete over the month long event in teams seeking to win points that are accumulated over the entire games. The winning team is awarded the coveted Summer Games Cup during a final closing ceremony. It is truly the most anticipated event of the year here.

The Teams

Rather than playing as individuals, our children were placed in one of four different teams, each represented by a different animal and color. Teams fought for honor, glory and the Summer Games Cup! As a part of the Opening Ceremony each year teams create their own Battle Standards and Team Buffs. These are brought to each and every Games event. Points are deducted if Standards are left lying on the ground or not held in the highest respect at all times.

Team Cobra

Team Elephant

Team Tiger

Team Crocodile
2016 Runner Up

The 2016 Games

Our latest games were an absolute blast! With so many incredible events our kids will have memories to last a lifetime! Our favorite event was Frozen Night Games which involved turning our church into a winter wonder land with giant ice blocks covering every inch of floor space. White water rafting and a mammoth 5 day adventure in the Himalayas were also great fun!

The 2015 Games

Last year our games were taken to the next level with international trips to the Suklaphata Wildlife Park in Nepal, camping trips in the jungle, visits to the mountains, a zombie outbreak, fishing and cooking competitions and some insane water sports! The games are now over but the memories will last for ever!

The Shields

In addition to their Buffs and Standards each team is given a Team Shield to protect. This shield had to be held on to at all times between 7:00am to 7:00pm each day, if left unprotected shields can be picked up (stolen) by another team. Along with the shield, teams steal one point from the team who lost their shield. Our kids have been known to take afternoon naps clutching their shields to their chests to protect them!

The Medallion Of Power

To keep things interesting the Medallion Of Power is hidden somewhere on the property. Clues are posted daily as to it’s location. Any team that finds the MOP can use it to gain a significant advantage in challenges or at times exchange it for points. The MOP can only be used once before it is returned and hidden again.

The Fun

As you can imagine, our kids have an incredible time with the Games. Since we launched the program in 2014 it has become the highlight of our year. Our first game ever, “The Scavenger Hunt”, involved our kids receiving a list of 50 items that they had to find from all over the property including things like “Uncle Rick’s Sock”, “A live lizard” and “exactly 1kg of dirt”. It became 5 hours of madness as kids scrambled to complete the list first. This was just the beginning of an incredible journey for us and our children, a journey that is helping to develop amazing attributes in our kids: strength of character, teamwork, an adventurous spirit, life experience and most of all it is just plain fun!

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One of the best parts of Summer Games is the many new experiences the kids get to participate in. Not for points, these activities are included to make the kind of summer memories summer camps